I'm convinced there is no more powerful or permanent way to learn, than through what you discover and retain through the gift of experiential travel.

Let's just say that the advice my father constantly told me growing up, inspired me to move to Paris, France for work the day after college graduation. 'Go do it before your hips fail,' he'd say. My parents were each educators professionally for over 40 years and they were big world travelers in their younger years, before the kid (me), jobs and medical issues forced them to be a bit more grounded than they would have preferred. I'd watch my father escape into books that shadowed the likes of Lewis and Clark, Captain Cook, Darwin and Shackleton and I realized that I didn't want to settle for just reading about the world- I wanted to go and travel through it to study it for myself.

Due to taking professional risks and big personal leaps into the unknown, I had the rare opportunity to spend the majority of the last fourteen years abroad. I was a bicycle tour guide and operations manager of an English-speaking bike touring company in Paris, France for four years and then became a year-round trip leader for an active travel company for the next seven. I'll tell you that having the opportunity to truly fall in love with regions while living on the road through genuine immersion, meant realizing I felt a responsibility to share what I was seeing with others. Working, living and traveling through places all over Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Europe, Central America and North America gave me an irreplaceable education. Because of the nature of my job and the locations that it takes me to, I've had a chance to experience first hand, life in sixty different countries on this planet and trust me when I say the wanderlust will never go away. The past two years I've focussed on what I like to call 'the art of travel', learning how to thoughtfully craft custom itineraries that connect the traveler to the place and help create and facilitate an experience that is above and beyond what they'd ever thought possible.

The main purpose of this site is to have a gallery to store images that have inspired me and be able to share them in an organized fashion. This is a passion and it is just an effort to connect, inspire, catalog and contribute. We all need reminders to get back out there and explore, even if it's only in our own backyards. I've recently been able to get involved with several schools and non-profits in a volunteer effort to help U.S. teachers inspire their students to think outside of their classrooms and recognize the bigger picture of the world outside of our own, insular country. I'm hoping to do much, much more of this as the years go by.

Contributing digital content and images from life and work on the road has been great fun. I actively contribute to www.afar.com (AFAR magazine's on-line community of travelers) as a Local Expert. If you love travel and have a critical eye for design, you'll appreciate all AFAR is doing to encourage experiential travel.

I appreciate you for checking out the site and hope that you'll reach out if you're looking to collaborate.

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller"- Ibn Battuta